Fresh Tea Herbs


Fresh Cat Mint, Spearmint, Mullein, Lavender, and Lime Balm.

Makes 4 cups.


Cat Mint, Lime Balm, and Lavender are all known for their relaxing effect, and Spearmint, although invigorating on its own, can be added to this blend for a bit of flavor.  Mullein is said to be great for your lungs, and has an earthy flavor.  This combo is one of my favorite bedtime teas.


How to:
Steep herbs in 4 – 6 cups of just boiled water for 10-20 minutes.
If you are making just 1 cup, divide herbs in 4 and follow above directions with 1/4 of herbs and using 1-2 cups of just boiled water.
Herbs come in paper bag.  Store herbs in fridge.  To dry herbs, keep in paper bag in fridge until dry, or keep in a cool, dry place until dry (like your pantry).


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