First Generation Farmers

Growing Food
With Passion.

The farm

CasaCano Farms is a vegetable and livestock farm in Valleyford, WA, 12 miles south of Downtown Spokane. Our focus is on the health of our farm ecosystem. We incorporate pasture-raised livestock and intensive minimal-till vegetable production, resulting in more nutritious and better tasting food. We care about our community and our land, and use organic methods for fertility, pest, and weed management.

Owner / Operators

Madyson and Jorge both grew up in Spokane, WA. They gardened in their backyards, cultivated a passion for the environment, and gained inspiration to grow real food. Both earned B.A.’s in Environmental Studies focused in Sustainable Food and Farming from the University of Montana, and after several farming internships, moved back to Spokane to start CasaCano Farms in 2014. Their goal is to grow the best food for their community and to keep pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a small farm.

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