Soap, Compost


Compost is a naturally exfoliating soap – an unscented bar made with coffee infused Casa Cano lard, organic coffee, and organic oatmeal. It’s great both at the sink to get our hands clean after working in the dirt–and compost–and in the shower for gentle exfoliation.  There is no added essential oils, but the scent is naturally earthy.

Ingredients: Saponified Casa Cano Farms Non-GMO lard, organic coffee, organic oatmeal, and sea salt.


About Casa Cano Farms Soap:

We make our soap from our own pork lard.  We love that we’re able to use as much of our animals as possible, and we love the rich, natural soap that it makes!  No palm oil or other imported oils needed!  We started making soaps a few years ago for ourselves and as gifts for friends and family, and have dreamed of being able to add it to our list of products for sale.  We are starting small, so please bare with us as we continue to make more, cure it, and have it available.


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