Bulk Pork Deposit December, 2023

Reserve your whole, half, or quarter hog.  Ready for pick up mid December, 2023.  (We’ll be in touch over email with exact dates!)

Price per Lb for Wholes, Halves, and Quarters is based on the hanging weight of the Hog, which averages 180 Lbs. per animal, and includes the price of butcher, cut and wrap.

Whole Hog – $6.10 / Lb. (averages $1,098 for a whole)

Half Hog – $6.30 / Lb. (averages $567 for a half)

Quarter Hog – $6.45 / Lb. (averages $290 for a quarter)

Please select the bulk pork amount you would like to reserve and choose either Traditional, which includes seasoned sausage and cured bacon, hams, and ham hocks, or Natural, which includes un-seasoned ground pork and un-cured bacon, hams, and ham hocks.

A $200 deposit reserves your bulk pork, and the remainder of your total is due at pick up.  

What is included in your bulk pork (Where there is an “OR” option, it is the difference between Traditional and Natural):

  • Seasoned Sausage OR Ground Pork, 1 lb chubs
  • Cured Bacon (traditional) OR un-cured Bacon aka side pork (natural) , 1 lb packages
  • Pork Chops, 4 per package
  • Pork Steaks, 4 per package
  • Cured Ham (traditional) OR un-cured Roasts (natural)
  • Roasts
  • Cured Ham Hocks (traditional) OR un-cured Ham Hock (natural)
  • Spare Ribs

Fat is an additional $1.50 / Lb.

Why Buy Bulk?
Purchasing bulk pork is a great way to stock up on quality meat at an affordable price.  When you buy a whole, half, or quarter hog, you get a diversity of cuts of meat, and it feels good knowing that you have meat at home in the freezer.  If you have the freezer space, buying bulk is the way to go.

About Our Pigs
Our pigs eat non-gmo feed that is milled a few miles down the Palouse Highway from us, and most of the components are grown locally.  They also eat plenty of extras from the garden, including watermelons, pumpkins, and lots of greens.  They live in an open barn, so they have shelter from rain, snow, and sun, but are still able to get fresh air and sunshine through their open doors. They have a deep bedding mulch, which means that we layer woodchips on over all of their “messes,” starting the composting process immediately.  Their pens are cleaner this way, and it gives them some “work” to do moving all of the woodchips around.  We also give them hay, to eat and as bedding.  They always have access to fresh water and food, and enjoy belly rubs and scratches.

Please email with any questions!


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