Broccoli 4-pack, DeCicco


DeCicco is an Italian heirloom broccoli variety.  It forms 1 main head, and then an abundance of mini-broccoli side shoots.  Great for the home garden.

  • Annual.
  • 4-pack.
  • Days: 45 from transplant
  • Plant spacing: 12-16″ apart
  • Plant height: 12-24″
  • Light: sun/part shade
  • Harvest main head when it is 3-4″ in diameter or fully formed (but before flowers start to open).  Keep plant in the ground to continue harvesting side shoots which can be snapped off by hand.
  • Aphids are a potential pest; keep covered with row cover or bug netting if possible.  Also plant with aphid repelling companion plants such as sage, marigolds, and alyssum.


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