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Grass Fed & Finished Beef


The Beef

Our Beef is 100% grass fed and finished. We raise our cows organically, sustainably, and ethically. They receive no hormones and no antibiotics and the pasture and hay they eat is no-spray.  

Our cows are Hereford and Black Angus crosses.


Pasture Management 

The health of our pasture is directly connected to the health of our cows.  In the Spring, Summer, and Fall, we move our cows to new pasture daily, allowing them to eat the most nutritious and energy rich grasses and forage. This practice also helps maintain and build the health of our pasture and farm environment by mimicking the intensive grazing of a natural herd of ruminants. Our cows graze each grass and forage crop so that it will re-grow, strengthening its root system.   They trample weeds and spread their own manure, giving back to the pasture. We strongly believe that a healthy pasture yields a healthier cow, which also means a healthier you. 

We don’t treat our pasture with chemical fertilizers, or use round up on fence lines.  

In the Winter, our cows hang out near the barn eating non-GMO and no-spray hay and help us make compost for our garden beds.  

Pricing and Buying Options

Bulk Beef is the way to go if you’re looking to fill your freezer at a discountYour options are a whole, half, or quarter beef cut and wrapped, which includes all of your steaks, roasts, ribs, and burger. To check bulk availability or if you have any questions, please email us at  

All bulk pricing is based on the hanging weight of the cow, which is 550 - 650 Lbs per animal, and includes the price of butcher, cut and wrapped.

Whole Beef - $5.25 / Lb

Half Beef - $5.49 / Lb

Quarter Beef - $5.65 / Lb


Email us at to reserve your whole, half, or quarter beef. 

Retail Beef is available to purchase during CasaCano Farms Nursery hours on the farm and custom ordered if you are signed up for a CasaCano Box.  



CasaCano Farms Grass Fed Beef

Freezer Space Recommendations:

For every 30 Lbs of meat, cut and wrapped, plan for 1 cubic feet of freezer space. A typical above-fridge freezer is 10 cubic feet, which means that it could hold around 300 Lbs of meat. This is typically what you would need to store a half, and a whole would require a freezer with around 20 cubic feet.