CasaCano Box : The New Membership

A weekly pre-packed box of freshsustainable, and seasonal produce from CasaCano Farms.  

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How It Works

Sign up for a CasaCano Box, pay in advance, and then pick up your weekly pre-packed box of fresh produce starting the first week of June through the end of October.  

Choose a Weekly CasaCano Box or a Bi-Weekly CasaCano Box:  A Weekly CasaCano Box is picked up every week for 22 weeks, May through October.   A Bi-Weekly CasaCano Box is picked up ever other week, May through October, for a total of 11 weeks. All boxes are packed with $35 of fresh produce for both Weekly and Bi-Weekly boxes.  


Your CasaCano Box can be picked up on the Farm in Valleyford or at a Drop-Point in Spokane; you choose which day and location works best for you and your family's summer schedule.  

Each box is packed with $35 of fresh produce.  Every week will be an exciting look at what the farm has to offer: early season boxes are filled with micro greens, salad mix, and spring roots, while summer and autumn boxes are heavier with onions, tomatoes, squash, and kale.  Eastern Washington is a seasonal place to grow produce, and you'll learn to eat like you live here--because you do!

Which CasaCano Box Is Right For You? 

If you're excited about eating more vegetables and trying new produce, then the Weekly CasaCano Box is for you.  You get a fresh supply of produce each week, which is designed to supply 2-4 people with their veggies throughout the week.

The Bi-Weekly CasaCano Box has the same amount of produce ($35 per Box), but you pick it up every other week.  This gives you a little break from the greens if you're still learning to love them and lets you inch your produce into the second week when you won't be receiving a new CasaCano Box.

It's our job to make sure that the veggies in your CasaCano Box stay fun, and we'll keep you on your toes with healthy recipes along the way.  

Why CasaCano Box

The CasaCano Box helps you support us--your local farmers--while also providing you with the freshest and most nutritious produce available.  We grow our food sustainably: we practice minimal tillage in our garden beds, feed our soil compost that we make on farm with the help of our livestock, use small farm equipment with low fuel needs, source our seeds from responsible and thoughtful companies, and never use any chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or herbicides in or near our garden.

Our goal is to help you have a relationship with your farm, and the food that you eat.  By buying your CasaCano Box directly from us--CasaCano Farms--you are supporting us (the farmers and the farm) with 100% of your purchase.  There is no middle-man, and we are able to connect with you directly.


Each CasaCano Box contains $35 of produce.

• Weekly CasaCano Box Membership :  $770 for 22 WEEKS •

• Bi-Weekly CasaCano Box Membership : $440 for 11 WEEKS •


 Payment and Options

To reserve your Weekly or Bi-Weekly CasaCano Box please complete a sign up form and then send a $150 deposit within two weeks of signing up.  Please send your deposit by writing us a check and mailing it to our PO Box; there is also an online payment option.  Your deposit goes toward your Membership total, leaving a remaining balance of $620 for a Weekly CasaCano Box (22 weeks) and a remaining balance of $290 for a Bi-Weekly CasaCano Box (11 weeks).  The remaining balance can be paid in full at the same time as your deposit, or broken into two payments: the first payment before June 1st, and the second payment before August 1st.   Both your $150 deposit and your remaining Membership payment can be made by check, or with an online payment.    
Please contact us if you have any questions about payment options. 
Weekly CasaCano Box (22 Weeks) Payment Options:
$150 deposit + $620 payment (before June 1st) = $770 Total
$150 deposit + $310 payment (before June 1st) + $310 payment (before August 1st) = $770 Total
Bi-Weekly CasaCano Box  (11 Weeks) Payment Options:
$150 deposit + $290 payment (before June 1st) = $440 Total
$150 deposit + $145 payment (before June 1st) + $145 payment (before August 1st) = $440 Total


The first week of June through the last week of October


In the afternoon.  
Exact times depend on your Drop Point location.  

Drop Points

Choose which drop point works best for you to pick up your CasaCano Box. 

CasaCano Farms 
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Community Building

Downtown Spokane
12:00 pm - 5:30 pm
E. 42nd and Havana
South Hill Spokane

How Do You Sign Up?

Press the Sign Up button below, fill out the CasaCano Box Sign Up Form, and then press submit!
Payment information and where to send your check are listed at the end of the sign up form.  
 Please email us at with any questions.

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